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Listening to each other

We do not believe in debate, because that is aimed at convincing. We believe in conversation, where we assume that each person has a unique piece of information about reality. We put these together to arrive at Truth.

Epoché as art of living

The logical part of our mind likes to categorise everything. But sometimes it lacks the crucial information to do so. As human beings, we must therefore always be prepared to question our categories.

Coming to terms

The aim of the conversations recorded under the Epoché label is to give guests the space to express their innermost thoughts without fear of being interrupted or confronted.

What others say

A true example of a beautiful conversation. Of how you speak to each other and explore and not impose your truths on another in immovable form. I feel like having a glass of wine and a good conversation with a friend. But first let all this sink in.

Patrick de Geus

via Youtube

Really enjoyed it! On the one hand because of the enormous knowledge, but even more so because of the beautiful way of speaking sincerely and listening to each other.... very inspiring and really one of the best interviews I have heard!

Helga van Noten

via Youtube

How soothing, especially when both are busy describing the tea and wine, that already feels like peace on earth, just off the highway, walking through the Pyrenees....fine Brecht this podcast about faith. And Mattias is the best start. Thanks for all that is to come. 🦋❤️

Henna van Opstal

via Youtube

"To understand the economy,
One must first understand the politics.
To understand politics,
One must understand the psyche.
To understand psyche,
One must understand culture.
And to understand culture,
One must understand religion."

Brecht Arnaert

Study my cultural theory here 

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