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"It is an honour for me to work with the people above. They are all dedicated volunteers who do it 'for the art'. Still, I want to be able to spoil them once in a while, so please know that a part of your donations goes to them as well. I don't need any payment myself, because having such a team is worth its weight in gold."

Brecht Arnaert

Selina De Maeyer

Hereby a special mention for the work of Selina De Maeyer, who committed herself to make a penetrating portrait of each studio guest. If you would like such a portrait yourself, or one of the many artistic photo collages for your living room or waiting room, be sure to contact her. Tip: donators get a 5% discount.

What others say about us

With enormous admiration for your philosophical knowledge and that of Mattias Desmet, I watched your first Epoché broadcast with great interest.


Enjoyed & learnt again, thank you very much dear gentlemen 🎩 hats off 🧢

Corona van Elsland

via Youtube

Wonderful in-depth discussion gentlemen, thank you!


via Youtube

T-House Management

This website was created in collaboration with Jos Tijhuis of "T-House Management", with whom it was very pleasant to work. Jos has the unique talent to be a programmer who also understands human language, and can translate what you want effortlessly. Don't hesitate to contact him if you want to start your own podcast.

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