Conversations about faith

Epoché #004 - Father Daniel

For more than a decade he has resided in the Abbey of Mar Yakub in Syria, and from there he has been providing a weekly newsletter for years in which he skillfully pierces the many lies about Syria that appear in the media with information at the site.

Epoché #003 - Anneke Lucas

A conversation with Anneke Lucas, author and survivor of ritual satanic abuse, speaks about her journey to heal the wounds inflicted on her.

Epoché #002 - Dr. Robert Malone, MD

With Dr. Robert Malone I had a conversation on topics as diverse as German New Medicine, the studies of Dr. Milton Rosenau on the Spanish Flu, and the Lanka trial on the non-existence of the measles virus.

Epoché #001 - Prof. Dr. Mattias Desmet

In this first episode of Epoché, Conversations about Faith" I had a conversation with Prof. Dr. Mattias Desmet about the philosophical assumptions behind his scientific work. The result was a three-hour long exchange of ideas, which I hope you can enjoy.

What others say

Brecht and Mattias: two men after my own heart!

Hedwig de Beer

via Youtube

Great to be able to/to follow this ... Thank you!

Nicole Rosseel

via Youtube

Only an hour in, but already this: that piece on Lacan: Overwhelmingly strong ...

Stijn Neyrinck

via Youtube

Nice conversation together.🌹


via Youtube

Wonderful afternoon, thanks men🍷


via Youtube

Can you feel the mystery? Delighting in the chaos and the not-knowing.... living and creating to the full. Thank you, gentlemen.

Ann Biesemans

via Youtube

Groundbreaking podcast 👍 Is it possible to add the wines to the comments? Then I'd like to listen to the podcast a second time and ... experience it with me.

Gunther Valgaeren

via Youtube

What a joy to listen to you! So much knowledge, so much wisdom, shared authentically and openly, respectfully and amicably. And with me, thank you! ❤

Margriet Pen

via Youtube

I have been following your Epoché Conversations about Faith piece by piece, with many interruptions. Congratulations. It is really worthwhile. Some parts did not interest me so much as the wine and tea culture, although I like to drink a good wine on occasion. Your intellectual level was very high. I especially appreciated the exchange about faith and a personal God. It was a pleasant surprise for me. I thought - here comes the pride! - I could share something about that, e.g. the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" and others...

P. Daniel

via e-mail

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